ER-F1 Sim Rig

Toen de zeer unieke RCC MK8 Formula seat in ons assortiment kwam konden we niet anders dan hier een minstens zo uniek frame voor te ontwikkelen. Hierbij hebben we rekening gehouden met alle maten en modellen van de MK8 seats. Daarnaast is uiteraard de gehele zitpositie zo goed als mogelijk nagebootst van een echte Formule auto, maar is ook uitermate geschikt voor LeMans LMP1 en LMP2 racers. Om het geheel af te maken is er een heel herkenbaar en uniek ontwerp neergezet. Ga voor kwaliteit, stevigheid en orginaliteit. 

When the very unique RCC MK8 Formula seat came into our range, we had no choice but to develop an equally unique frame for it. We have taken into account all sizes and models of the MK8 seats. The entire seating position has of course been imitated as closely as possible from a real Formula car but is also perfect for LeMans LMP1 en LMP2 racers. To finish it off, a very recognizable and unique design has been created. Go for quality, sturdiness and originality.


  • Fanatec CSL (DD), Clubsport, DD1 & DD2
  • Thrustmaster TX, T300, TS-PC & TS-WX
  • Logitech G27 & G29
  • Moza R9
  • Simucube 2 (DSD Mounting Flange)
  • Side mounting brackets for Fanatec DD bases (option)
  • Front mounting bracket for Simucube 2 (option)
  • Fanatec CSL, Clubsport, Asetec Forte etc. will fit the base without a pedal plate
  • Pedal plate for all Fanatec, Thrustmaster and Logitech pedals available
  • Special plate with sliders for Heusinkveld (and Thrustmaster, Logitech) available


This rig is adjustable in pretty much all ways. As shown on the picture below.


Black ER-F1 Rig €575,- (without MK8-1S or MK8-2S)

Pedal plate with sliders €120,-

Monitor mount (1 monitor) €110,-  (includes 2 standing parts, 1 horizontal part, 2 mounting plates and 1 vesa mount)

3 monitor mount pack €175,-   (includes 2 standing parts, 3 horizontal parts, 2 mounting plates, 4 corner pivot plates and 3 vesa mounts)

Fanatec DD side mounts €75,- when ordered separate.
When ordered with rig €35,- (to be replaced with the wheel base plate) 

Simucube 2 Front mount €99,- when ordered seperate.
When ordered with rig €69,- (to be replaced with the wheel base plate)

Customization possible.

Note: These are prices including Dutch BTW (VAT). Price is without the MK8 seat. Rig will be delivered without Wheelbase, pedals, monitor etc.

Price examples:

ER-F1 with MK8-1S  €874,- now on sale for € 815,-

ER-F1 with MK8-1S-XL € 895,- SOLD OUT

ER-F1 with MK8-1S-XLLINEX  now on sale for € 895,-


ER-F1 with MK8-2S (incl seat sliders)  € 1053,-

ER-F1 with MK8-2S-XL (incl seat sliders) € 1072,-


ER-F1 with NEW MK8-1S (incl seat sliders)  € 1209,-




  • Monitor mount (1 or 3)
  • Pedal plate on sliders
  • Padding set
  • Headrest (for MK8-2S(-XL) only)
  • Other seat color
  • Wheel base mounting brackets
If you have any questions or if you want to order your rig, please send us an e-mail or get in touch by filling out the contact form. Thank you.